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The Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School Mission:

"To educate, enlighten, and inspire women fly fishers in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. To fish and have fun."

Many women are discovering the joy of fly fishing. Are you part of this growing group? Whether you already are or want to be, then join us for a fun-filled, no-pressure three-day school of fishing, learning, and exploring some of the best waters on the planet.

For a combined fifty-plus years, Gallatin River Guides has been serving anglers throughout Montana. We’ve learned our laid-back, fishy lifestyle is pretty cool . . . and we want to share it with women who fly fish.

Our lead instructors have amassed years of experience on the Gallatin, Yellowstone, Madison, Missouri, and other southwest Montana rivers and creeks. Fishing is their passion and they want to share it with you. They are all licensed Montana fly fishing guides . . . and women who fish!

Spend a school with us and you'll be ready to handle most any fly fishing situation, no matter where you fish. Come discover what makes us unique and make some life-long angling friends in the process!

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What a fantastic weekend! I have been on Cloud 9 and I’m pretty sure my family is sick of hearing about all our fish stories from the weekend. -Christine D.

I couldn't stop talking about all the fun I had to my husband over the weekend. It would be amazing to make this an annual event, in Montana or elsewhere! -Sydney R.

I simply could not have had a more positive experience. I am new to fly fishing and this trip seemed like a great way to increase my learning curve in a beautiful setting and a supportive, ego-free environment. I could not have been more excited to learn in this context...and GRG did not disappoint. -Cammie

This was the most fun we’ve had in a long time. We learned, we laughed, we caught fish, and made long-time friends that we fish with now. – Megan M.

This is an ideal week for beginners and experts alike. The women-only school is something I look forward to each year. – Lynne F.

Our Classroom: The rivers and creeks of Big Sky & Bozeman, Montana

Friendship, fly fishing, and plenty of fat trout

Boat on the Upper Madison in Montana

At the Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School, the spring creeks, rivers, and lakes of Montana offer the best location in the world to learn and improve your fly fishing skills. Our locations in Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana offers up the best access to waters that will hone your fishing skills and provide spectacular scenery if the fishing slows.

Toss in a wide selection of dining and lodging options, and it is clear the Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School’s classroom is as Montana as it gets. Our daily on-the-water sessions will take place on any of the following spring creeks, smaller freestones, larger rivers, and private lakes. We create our school’s itinerary and on-stream instruction based on what fishing options offer the most rewarding teaching opportunities.

During our school you will most likely fish the Gallatin, Madison, and Yellowstone Rivers. We might also venture to the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks or a private lake or a private ranch to access a small stream. Along the way, you’ll see the towns of Bozeman, Livingston, Ennis, and Big Sky, Montana.

If your desire is to be a better angler, make some life-long angling friends, or just take your fishing to the next level, few things will make you better than fishing in our classroom!


Fly fishing is equal parts challenge and fun. At the Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School we’ve also learned our relaxed approached is a huge part of our success. This doesn’t mean we don’t get after it. Our three-day school is full of fishing and learning, but there is also plenty of time to put your feet up and enjoy the view.

Our school itinerary and schedule is one of a kind.

Women's School

The Montana Women's Fly Fishing School is for any level of angler. With our amazing 2 students to 1 instructor ratio on the water, we are able to accommodate ladies from first-timers and way beyond! With that ratio, our instructors have the time to customize each individual student's experience. If you're learning your first mend or if you'd love to figure out how to double-haul; they've got it covered!

Begin at Gallatin River Guides with coffee, treats, and quick introductions. We go straight into trout and fly-fishing basics during our half day in the classroom. After a quick lunch, ladies rig rods and head to the famous Gallatin River for an afternoon of hands on, trout on, lessons.

We take a scenic drive to the Upper Madison River for day two, getting the opportunity at larger trout. Starting with rigging our rods, our guides begin to get in more depth about current bug life and the process of catching from fly selection to the release.

Our last day of fishing is spent wherever the ladies choose. Take the skills you’ve learned and put them to the test. (Don’t worry, there is no actual test.) It’s time to get the last pieces in the puzzle and become self sufficient anglers. Our guides are here for all support, but the goal is more knots, netting, and unhooking fish on your own.

** Itinerary is subject to change. High water maybe a factor in early months (End of May/ June). If the water is too high to fish the Gallatin, we will spend a full day in the classroom.

Day One: Half Day at Gallatin River Guides for Classroom

Focus: Trout Behavior, Gear, Rigging Rods, Knots, and Entomology

Half Day Fishing the Gallatin River

Focus: Casting, Hook Setting, and Reading Water

Day Two: Full day on the Upper Madison River

Focus: Getting Good Drifts, Fighting, Netting, Handling, and Releasing Trout

Day Three: Ladies Choice

Focus: Bug Selection, In Depth Rigging, and Putting All Your Skills to the Test

Our Director, Instructors, and Our Outfitter


Carlye Luft, Women’s Program Director: Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School and Gallatin River Guides.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, my love for fishing started at a noticeably young age and I have spent many days fishing the rivers and lakes of Wisconsin. My skills were self-nurtured and self-taught through trial and error while putting to practice tips from local fishing heroes at the bait shop. Obsessed with fishing, I grabbed a hold of everything and anything that could improve my knowledge and skills as an angler.

I am a Veteran of the US Military and spent many years as a licensed Naturopathic Physician focusing on physical health and mental wellbeing. It was through these two endeavors that I discovered and pursued the art of fly fishing and chose to become a Fly Fishing Educator and Guide. Although exciting, to me fly fishing is about more than just catching the fish. It is a quick and gentle way to reconnect with yourself, get present, and put life into a healthy perspective.

I am a proficient angler, natural leader, and skilled educator with a passion to help women become confident and skilled fly fishing anglers while encouraging them to let go a little of the daily things we women stress about, and to just focus on ourselves, the rhythm of the cast, and the drift. The fish comes as a result!

Women's Fly Fishing School Guides

The Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School Guides and Instructors

For over thirty years, Gallatin River Guides—the creators of the Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School—has been a leader in creating opportunities for women anglers. From the early days in the 1980s when Gallatin River Guides founder Betsey French taught local ladies, to present day and beyond, we are working towards 50-50 on the water. Our guides and instructors are a team of dedicated professionals who strive to educate, enlighten, and inspire women fly fishers in a supportive, noncompetitive environment.

Male or female, the Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School guides and instructors are all exceptional teachers, they all like to fish and have fun, they all are professional fly fishing guides and stewards of the resources we all enjoy. They all will ensure your safety and comfort are enjoyed throughout the day. After spending one of our three day schools with them, they will probably also become your new fishing friends.

To view our team of professional guides and instructors, visit their profiles on the Gallatin River Guides website.

All of our guides are licensed with the state of Montana and trained in First Aid and CPR.

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